Welcome to our new and improved service

Out with the old, in with the new…
We’re really pleased to finally unveil our new and improved image upload system. The new streamlined service makes it easier for you to upload and review your images and pay online instantly with minimal hassle.
We’ve been working to implement these improvements since the start of 2015 and the service has been tested extensively with some of our customers during this period to ensure that it works as expected. That said, if you do discover something odd while using our new system or wish to provide feedback then we would greatly appreciate it if you would contact us.

What if you previously used our old image uploader?
If you’ve previously used our old image uploader then you will need to register as a user on our new system (it’s really simple; we just need your name and email address). The old system didn’t require you to register but this resulted in a number of limitations when it came to managing your jobs. We appreciate that asking you to register an account is a bit of an inconvenience but in doing so we’ll be able to deal with your images more efficiently and return them even more quickly than before.

If you’re in any doubt as to how to use the new image upload system then please follow the step by step instructions below.

step 1

Head over to our new image uploader at http://upload.clipitquick.com

step 2

Drag and drop your image files or click to select them from your desktop. Click the start upload button to begin uploading.


step 3

You can now review, delete or add more images and then register a new account or login immediately below the image upload area.

step 4

Once logged in you’ll get another chance to review your order before pressing submit.


step 5

If a payment is due then you’ll be redirected to our payment system where you can pay using a credit, debit card or PayPal.


Are you experiencing problems?
Should you encounter any problems with the new system then you can still access our old image uploader for the time being at OAPupload.clipitquick.com.

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January 15th 2021: We are experiencing issues with our image upload system. We're still accepting jobs, read more here.