5 reasons to outsource repetitive jobs

There is a saying in big business, ‘focus on what you do best — outsource the rest’. But outsourcing isn’t just for big businesses, in fact the smallest of operations sometimes have the most to gain from hiring specialists for specific jobs. Using the example of image clipping (what’s image clipping?) let’s look at the reasons why outsourcing is better than doing the job yourself.


Outsourcing gives you access to highly specialised skills

If you were to outsource image clipping you’d save yourself the hassle of learning the complicated photoshop technique yourself. An alternative would be to hire a member of staff who already knows how to clip, but does your clipping workload justify this?


Outsourcing is more flexible than hiring staff

When you outsource repetitive jobs like image clipping there are a lot less stresses than working with in house staff. For example, you don’t need to worry about holiday pay or pensions when you outsource. And if you’re unhappy with the quality of the work it’s easy to discuss this in a frank and open way because you are a client who is paying for a service. Companies you outsource to are there when you need them and are no financial burden to the balance sheet when you need to control expenses.


A professional will get the job done quicker

It goes without saying that a company who has been doing the same job day in day out for years is going to be quicker than trying to do the job yourself. They’ll also know the newest and quickest techniques for editing your imagery. It’s for these reasons that ClipItQuick.com is able to offer a 24 hour turnaround on clipping jobs.


Not only is the job done quicker, it is done better

A specialist company takes pride in their work and has the skills and experience to get the job done to the highest possible quality. It is unlikely that learning something yourself is going to achieve results as good or as quickly as a company whose whole reputation is based around a specific service.


Because the job is done quicker it actually works out cheaper

A outsourced specialist can work quicker than you can in house so it works out cheaper for you per hour. For example, ClipItQuick.com offers image clipping for £1.39 per image meaning your staff would have to do five or six images in an hour to even approach paying them minimum wage. For the inexperienced that rate of clipping is very hard to achieve, especially with complicated imagery.


So outsourcing can work out quicker, the quality is likely to be better and it’ll even work out cheaper. Not only that, but it is considerably easier and less stressful than learning a new skill yourself or having full time staff on the books. We’ve used image clipping as our example because this is our speciality, but outsourcing can make sense for almost all the repetitive tasks that your company faces; Marketing, customer complaints, accounting and more. If you’re interested in trying outsourcing for yourself you can use our image clipping trial and see how easy it is outsourcing your repetitive jobs.

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