Quick framing tip for improving your product photos

We receive thousands of images from customers each day who are taking advantage of the benefits of image clipping. For those not in the know, image clipping is the process of removing the background from product photos to improve the presentation of the product and assist in boosting sales. If you’re not familiar with image background removal or its benefits then take a moment to read more about our image clipping and image background removal service.

A common framing mistake you can avoid…

Many of our customers shoot their own product photos, and for good reason; you can shoot great looking photos without the need for an expensive camera or lighting, in fact a smart phone will do the job perfectly as we discussed previously in our article 7 ways to take great product shots with your smartphone.

So, you really don’t need to be professional to take great looking product photos. There is however a really simple and easily avoidable mistake we see some DIY photographers make quite frequently involving the framing of products within the photo. Avoiding this pitfall will make your product photos look so much better! So here it is…

Ensure the entire product is within the photo frame when you photograph it.

It sounds so simple right? But it’s so easy to overlook when you’re photographing a pile of different products all at once. Let’s take a look at a real example below. The image to the left shows that the product isn’t entirely within the frame of the photo.

Poor and Good Framing After Image Clipping

The result of not locating the product entirely within the frame becomes more apparent once we clip the image to remove the background. As shown below, the clipped image to the left now looks very odd since it was never properly framed within the photo.

Poor and Good Framing After Image Clipping

So there you have it. Simply by ensuring that the entire product is located within the frame of the photo prior to submitting your images to our image background removal service will help improve the finish results no end.

If you’re interested in improving your pictures and want to see what your products look like when professionally clipped then take advantage of our free trial now!