Product Photography in-depth Guide One

Preparation – Step one

Setting up a backdrop

A white backdrop for your product photography is a super easy way to make your items pop off the page. This cheap way to prepare your photo shoot also allows you to control the lighting and keep a consistent feel to all of your product photography – even if you move offices or do shoots on different days.

For most small to medium sized products a roll of cheap wallpaper or the unprinted side of some wrapping paper is a really affordable way to set up a backdrop. The bonus is that they are really easy to store too as they roll up neatly.

To set up the paper you need to drape if off the edge of a coffee table across the floor and weigh it down at the top and bottom corners. You can use anything for weights but the more paper you have the heavier weights you’ll need – we use whatever is to hand, usually cola cans! You’re aiming to create a creaseless curve to the paper so that there will be no reflections or shadows.

Place your product on the flat part of the paper and set up your lighting and you’re ready to get snapping!

Extra notes

If you find yourself doing lots of product photography and you feel a bit silly using wallpaper and cans of cola there a lots of affordable photography backdrops available online which might look a bit more professional when customers visit your premises.

Another advantage to using a backdrop for your product photography is that when you send your photos to image clipping services such as it is easy for clippers to identify exactly what you want kept in the frame and what you want discarded.

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