5 ways to increase customer confidence online

Customer confidence is the biggest challenge for online retailers. There’s a lot of distrust when it comes to buying online and appearing reputable and reassuring people can mean the difference between making sales and losing out to the competition.


Writing works

Product listing pages are an area where it is easy to stand out and make customers choose you. This is largely because the standards are so low for most businesses. Products are often poorly described and there are spelling errors which can feel lazy. Your listing is your sales pitch, it needs to be slick but it also needs to be accurate and helpful. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, what would you need to know about this product? Dimensions? Batteries required? Colour options? The more you help your customers, the easier you’re making their decision to buy.


Ratings matter

If you’re selling on an online marketplace your rating, such as eBay and Amazon feedback, is essential to give customers confidence to buy. Avoiding negative feedback and reviews can only be achieved the hard way; responding to issues, giving refunds and when necessary apologising promptly.

Online marketplaces are designed so the customer has all the power, it’s especially easy to forget this when mail order removes the personal interaction between the buyer and seller. If nothing else, with a high seller rating you are awarded discounts off eBay fees, meaning the hard work and extra effort is compensated.


Communication counts

Treat messages and complaints with the highest priority. If you answer a product enquiry message both promptly and politely it can secure a sale. Receiving a speedy, authentic answer can reassure customers into making a sale. You’ll also keep your feedback score high. Prompt communication may not always get you an immediate sale but it can quite easily lead to custom in the future.


Relaxed returns rule

Aggressive and inflexible return policies are commonplace in online marketplaces, but this is neither welcoming or professional. Giving people the option to return a product will give you the edge over your competition and reassure customers into making sales. It also shows you are confident in the quality of your product, which is important for making a sale.


Don’t forget design

So your listings are beautifully written and your customer service is top notch! Great! But what about your listing design? Does your logo look professional? Are your images clipped? Could you add more images? Do your listing templates look dated? All of these things are best outsourced to professionals where possible, so you get the best looking results.


If you’re interested in improving the look and feel of your online market places you’ll love this story of how one eBay power seller avoided getting into costly price wars by focussing on great design and customer service.

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