Why you’re missing out on sales if your product pictures aren’t up to scratch

3 ways image clipping can boost your profits


Before clipping to remove the background


After clipping to remove the background

There is a reason that eBay and Amazon prefer product pictures on a white background – good images sell more products. There are three main ways that clipped imagery will help you sell more:


No distracting backgrounds

Having your warehouse or wardrobe in shot is going to distract from your product. A slapdash approach to photography will also inevitably reflect poorly on the quality of the product. When the background is removed there are no distractions, the product is firmly placed at the fore and allowed to shine. Clipping is all about making your products stand out and increasing clarity for customers.

Did you know that Amazon and eBay guidelines now require all product images be placed on a plain white background? ClipItQuick.com operate a free image background removal service for eBay and Amazon sellers. If you want to see what your product images look like when professionally clipped then take advantage of our free trial now!


Professionalism reassures customers, reassured customers make purchases

When all of your imagery is clipped your site has a consistent and professional look and feel. Having all your imagery look consistent will aid navigation around your website or ecommerce store. Customers are very impatient and instinctual when online, if they can’t instantly see something or feel reassured by what they see then they will quickly become frustrated and look elsewhere.

Clutter free imagery will also make your expensively designed site and ecommerce listings look their absolute best. Getting your imagery clipped may seem like a subtle change but customers will pick up the difference between a site with professional product imagery and one without.


Customers can imagine a product in their own home

With no distractions or backgrounds to a product image it allows customers to imagine the product as their own. They can project their own background onto the product and begin to own it in their minds, which is the first step to selling anything. People need to be able to visualise products in their lives before they will commit to purchasing. Having imagery clipped allows customers to do this much easier and will lead to you making more sales.


With eBay and Amazon encouraging white backgrounds for product pictures, clipped images are on the cusp of becoming industry standard. This is for very good reason, they look better and help you sell more products by influencing and reassuring customers in a subtle and non-manipulative way. Fortunately, getting imagery clipped is incredibly affordable and available to anyone from the biggest high street chain to the smallest eBay operations.

If you’re interested in improving your pictures and want to see what your products look like when professionally clipped then take advantage of our free trial now!