How to get the Amazon Buy Box

Amazon Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is normally decided on price including shipping. As such repricing tools, such as Repricer Express, can help you to remain competitive. Repricing tools allow you to set minimum prices based on your profit margins and how low you are willing to go in order to get the Buy Box and maximise sales.

However, Amazon also takes other factors into account and sometimes randomises the Buy Box to ensure lots of sellers can enjoy the sales boost from being the Amazon Buy Box. To give yourself the best possible chance of being the Buy Box you need to focus on five areas other than price.

It is probably worth noting that if you’re aiming to rate highly in all of these criteria you’ll generally be a much better seller and probably get a lot more repeat custom.



Availability is more than just stock levels, Amazon also takes into account how quickly you ship products. Consistency is important too so you need a robust fulfilment strategy and stock suppliers to have a chance at the Amazon Buy Box. Using Fulfilment by Amazon, FBA, is likely to give you the best rating in their slightly biased eyes, but it can be quite expensive.



The more of a product you sell the more likely you are to get the Amazon Buy Box. This is a little bit chicken and egg because if you have the Amazon Buy Box you’re more likely to sell more. However, it might influence which products you really target the Amazon Buy Box with.



The less often you have to offer customer refunds the better seller Amazon assumes you are. Of course sometimes refunds are impossible to avoid through no fault of your own. But you can minimise them by making sure you’re selling quality products and dealing with customers in a polite and friendly manner.


Customer feedback

Keeping customers happy is important. Typically you can only get the Amazon Buy Box if your negative feedback ratings are less than 5% of your overall feedback.


A-to-z Guarantee Claims

Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee Programme is their way of managing disputes between dissatisfied customers and sellers, usually in the case of a defective product. In order to get the Amazon Buy Box you need to have as few of these A-to-z Guarantee claims as possible. As always polite, clear, communication can often turn an unhappy complaining customer into a satisfied customer who won’t damage your reputation as a seller with Amazon.

If you’re interested in more tips for keeping customers happy we’ve written a five step guide to building confidence when selling online.


So price is very important, but without these five other factors you’ll struggle to get the Amazon Buy Box. While it might seem like a tall order they are all largely based around supply. If you’ve a steady and reliable supply of a quality product then you’re unlikely to run into Refunds, negative feedback or A-z Guarantee Claims, while ensuring you also meet Amazon’s criteria for Volume and Availability. If customers are still unhappy then responding quickly and politely can often be the key to defusing the situation effectively.

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