What is ‘image clipping’? Why use ClipItQuick.com?


Professionally edited images sell more products.

Product photos with messy backgrounds are distracting and unprofessional. You’ll find that many online retailers remove the background from their photos and marketplace websites like Amazon, eBay and Play Rakuten often insist that sellers must upload product photographs displayed on a plain white background.

The consistency and clarity of great looking clipped product imagery gives customers confidence in you as a seller and in an ever more crowded online retail environment gaining customer confidence and standing out from the competition is vital to survival.


Outsourcing image editing saves you time and money.

Perhaps you’re already removing the background from your product images. In which case, have you considered outsourcing the work? Your time is valuable and clipping is time consuming. Outsourcing this task frees you up to get back to generating new business and looking after your customers.

Here at ClipItQuick.com we have a team of editors at your disposal 24 hours a day to do this task for you. When you work out how long it takes you to clip a single image you’ll quickly realise how cost effective outsourcing image clipping work for £1 an image is.


Edited images delivered within 24 hours.

Online retail is a fast paced environment. New products arriving into stock should be selling within a matter of hours to ensure that you’re not sitting on slow moving lines. Ensuring you have great looking product photos in place when your new product goes live is imperative to making sales.

After receiving your images our large team of professional editors will remove the background from each of your photos and return the edited images to you within 24 hours. This fast and efficient turnaround is absolutely central to how we operate our service.



Here’s just some of the feedback we receive from our customers every day…

“Wow! You guys are amazing, fantastic service and turnaround… I think ClipItQuick.com is going to be a huge success. Will be gathering images this week to upload for you!”
Maggie, Stationery Store Owner


“Thank you so much for sending these edited images over so quickly; I was expecting them to be back with me on Monday at the earliest. They look brilliant, I’m so pleased. This is going to save me so much time and I definitely would never have achieved anything as good as that myself. I will go through my photo archives asap and send over all the ones that I need.”
Gemma, Bespoke Gift Store Owner


“These images are fantastic! We’re very happy and will definitely use your services again.”
Chris, Custom Cushions Store Owner


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January 15th 2021: We are experiencing issues with our image upload system. We're still accepting jobs, read more here.