Product Photography in-depth Guide Six

Taking Photos – Step Three

Taking lots of pictures

Getting ready to shoot product photographs can be quite a lot of effort once you’ve arranged your backdrop and got your lighting set-up right. So it is important that the photos you take are usable quality.

clipitquick_nerf01_resized_lotsmoreThe best way to make sure you have great looking pictures is take lots of pictures. That way if some are out of focus or the flash has reflected awkwardly you’ve other images that should look great. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when your images look great on the camera’s LCD display so you pack down your lights and backdrop only to discover they are slightly out of focus and unusable when you load them up on your computer.

clipped-nerf_pure-clip_resized_croppedAs it can be time consuming to set up your shoot and you may have hundreds of products to photograph it can be tempting to try and rush through the shoot – but you’ll regret not taking the time when you realise that you’ve forgotten to take pictures of some essential angles or an important product photo hasn’t worked for whatever reason.

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