7 ways to take great product shots with your smartphone


One of the most important parts of selling online is getting your imagery right. Professional photographers with studios and fancy kit will do a great job, but they charge for the privilege. With these easy tips you should be able to take great shots of your stock using equipment you’ve already got to hand, saving you time and hassle.


Get the background right


A piece of white card or paper roll set up to gently curve makes an extremely cheap solution. Setting it up the same way each time means all your product shots will match online and look more professional. Smartphones also find it easier to focus when a product sits against a featureless backdrop.


Turn the flash off


Most new products have lovely clean surfaces, which can reflect the flash back, causing glare. So it is always best to turn the flash off.

Sometimes the flash can’t be avoided because you’re in a dark warehouse or poorly lit lock-up. The trick to using flash and avoiding glare is to stand further away and zoom in slightly. Careful not to zoom too much, as it can reduce quality.


Avoid direct lighting and take advantage of natural light


Aiming lights, such as cheap bedside lamps, to reflect light off flat surfaces reduces glare on the product. Lighting your product indirectly means the light is less harsh and gives more natural results. This is especially important for correctly representing a product’s colour accurately online and dodging pesky complaints. You should also take advantage of natural light wherever possible by shooting your products either outside or close to windows. Overcast days are usually better because strong sunlight will cast dark shadows over your products.


Don’t forget focus


Smartphones auto-focus so you might think this is a silly reminder, but often people focus really poorly creating blurry and unhelpful product shots. Generally you touch the screen or gently press the picture button to focus a smartphone. Hold the phone still while it focuses on your product. Make sure it hasn’t accidentally focused on the backdrop because then your product will be a big blur.


Clip your images


It is increasingly becoming the industry standard to have product images clipped, indeed Amazon one of the largest online market places, insists on it. Clipping is digitally removing everything except the product itself so it sits on a plain background,usually white. It is easy to see why big sellers do this, there are no distractions from the products and the website looks more professional as a whole. You can clip imagery in Photoshop after a bit of practice, or you can use our image Clipping service. You can even get three of your images clipped for free to trial our service.


Shoot a lot of pictures


When using a smartphone take multiple shots of each product. The screens on smartphones are so small that you might miss flaws that are obvious on a desktop or tablet. Better to take lots of photos to ensure at least one of them is perfect.


Shoot even more pictures

clipitquick_nerf01_resized_lotsmoreIf you’re selling online customers are reassured by seeing different angles of your products so be sure to shoot up close, from behind, the bottom. Whatever you think you’d look for when picking up a product and thinking about buying it in a shop. Some people are still wary about shopping online so anything you can do to make the process less scary the more you’ll sell! Click here if you’d like to know more about why adding images helps drive more sales.

Did you know that product images on white backgrounds result in better sales? You may have noticed that this is how all the big online retailers display their product imagery. If you want to see what your product images look like when professionally clipped then take advantage of our free trial now!

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