5 reasons why adding more pictures to your product listings will increase your sales

All eBay listings can now include up to 12 images for free and to maximise sales you should be aiming to use at least half of those. As eBay themselves say ‘using more pictures makes your listing more attractive to buyers’. Here are some of the reasons why more pictures will generate more sales.


This eBay seller should consider adding more images to boost sales.


Important details can be highlighted

With multiple images you can use one or two to focus in on labels, brand names or features that will help show quality. Think about what you’d check if you were holding the product in your hands and then take close-up pictures of it for your customers. If you’d like to take pictures to highlight your products’ best features here’s a guide to taking great pictures with just your smartphone.


You can give the ‘store experience’

The main advantage of buying in store is that you can pick up and item and look at it from different angles to check the quality. Giving that option on your eBay listing through pictures will help customers feel confident to buy.


This eBay seller has the right idea by including lots of photos.


You’ll look better than your competition

Many people still aren’t making use of eBay’s 12 free images. If you’re the only one with extra pictures then you’re going to convert sellers when they land on your listing. Similarly if you’re the only one not using multiple images those sales will go to people who are!
If you’re serious about looking better than the competition then you should also consider ‘clipping’ your images. Click here to learn more about image clipping and why it will help boost your sales.


Multiple angles prove you have the product in stock

Disreputable sellers and scammers are the blight of eBay sellers and buyers alike. Anything you can do to convince sellers you’re reputable and can fulfil your promises will drive sales.


The seller has taken detailed shots from various angles.


Scale can be illustrated through multiple images

Being able to see a product from different angles allows customers to get a sense of product scale, which is especially important for them to know whether the item will fit in their house, bedroom or shelf.

Did you know that product images on white backgrounds result in better sales? You may have noticed that this is how all the big online retailers display their product imagery. If you want to see what your product images look like when professionally clipped then take advantage of our free trial now!

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